Thursday, June 20, 2013

      Here I am, better late than keeps getting in the way.... but that is what a busy family life can do for you!  Anyway, now that I am here....I want to tell you....I am SO excited!.....I have decided to go back into a little shop in my town that I was in for three years.
      This weekend they are having a Mad Hatter Tea Party and I will have some of my little girls dresses for sale!    I will post a picture of the last dress I am finishing is going to be so cute....I am using several parts to patterns and this cool fabric that has rows of cotton lace, ruffles, stripes, and small pink prints.  The fabric was $20 a yard but I got it half off....even still, I will have to make the price worth my while!
      Well, gotta go and finish it!  Here is a pic of the makings...I promise not to take so long to blog again!  In fact, I will put a picture on of the completed dress....