Friday, April 27, 2012

OOPs, same picture...can't figure out how to delete it, that's the new format for you, so here it is.

My Handmade Crowns on Etsy

So I had fun playing with paper, glitter, trims, etc. and made a couple of they are, I hope.
Okay, so that for some pictures of my spring garden...
I am not alone in this blogging thing.....why has blogger changed everything??!! I do not even know if this will post. I wanted to post a picture of my outdoor cat who snuck into the house and made himself at home. Here goes.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I taught myself how to do shirring.....In case you do not know what that is elastic thread gathering....I really thought my machine would give me a problem but it handled it like a trooper...I did not even have to do any adjustments except for lengthening my stitch. Now I am looking for things to SHIRR!

Ah, Spring!

Time for new outfits!

I swear, I cannot concentrate on one thing! I am getting ready for an upcoming show and I keep finding things to distract me....oh, well, better than being BORED! Here are a few of my newest items I have created.


It is so beautiful today! I just had to take these pictures!