Friday, February 11, 2011

Love that Victoria magazine!

I love Victoria magazine!  The stunning photos of table settings in the March/April edition were just stunning!  One, so pink and white, and green and LOVE the different green chairs!
The other one is a moss covered table amidst the forest....beautiful!

Altered Art/Paper Craft Studio

At the end of last summer I decided to set up a little studio in our garage, as I wanted to separate out my fabric and sewing supplies from the ever-growing supplies of my paper art creating.  I had started making crowns, memory boxes, paper dolls, and many other things and it was getting too confusing trying to store and mix everything in my small studio/sewing room.  I would have glue and glitter here and there, as I make a complete mess when crafting things.
Now that the weather is not too cold I am ready to go back into the garage and create in my once started studio.  So, tonight I made a fairly large studio sign to get me pumped up to clean and organize all my supplies.  There is a shop in Nevada City that I truly love called My Favorite Things.  Tina, the wonderful owner, has a little shop out back where you can purchase supplies and create to your heart's content.  She calls it her GLITTER GIRL STUDIO.  I loved that name, and since I am not setting up a commercial shop, I do not think she would mind me using her name for my little space!  Here is my sign but I will not show any pictures until my space is nice and neat.....then you will see it.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I don't know if you remember, but I told you I was planting a winter garden a few months back....well, here is what has transpired so far.  I have several broccoli and cauliflower/broccoli plants and they have actually started growing REAL veggies!  Don't they look nice?  I will probably have a real hard time harvesting know how hard it is to open a really pretty package?  Same thing.



What a perfect day to garden.....getting all those pesky leaves cleaned up, deadheading flowers, pruning here and there....and all of a sudden I NEEDED to go to the garden center....yes, I NEEDED to go.  I do not need much coaxing at all!  Found a few annuals to start me off