Monday, August 29, 2011


It is showtime again! Trying to factor in home, retreats, sewing, creating, and life. Even with only one or two shows a month, it gets hectic.
Yesterday I decided to do painting and I painted this stool and chair. I will need a very specific buyer for the chair! It was sooooo much fun!
Now, back to sewing....I have two quilts to quilt in five days!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

This is the fat pelican, not me!

Fat Pelican

On the pier at Pismo Beach there was a huge pelican. I picked up a little fish that was discarded and threw it to this pelican....he ate it and I watched it go down its gullet. Neat place!


I was out of town for almost a week and a lot of my flowers disappeared in this 90 degree plus heat but here are a few pictures I took. I finally have my camera, thanks to Dell replacing what Canon would not.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry

I'll bet you are wondering what happened to me? Life has gotten in the way, or should I say, Canon has gotten in the way. I was having a problem with my on/off switch on my digital camera so when our anniversary came up, my terrific husband bought me a new camera. I LOVED my old camera but was looking forward to my new one.
Well, my new one was very intimidating to learn so it sat for a while...then I decided I had better forge on and teach myself how to use it.
One day, when it was about 30 days old, I noticed a small crack in the glass part, but nothing I could actually feel.....then it started to become black in that area and it was working its way slowly across the camera face. No problem, as my husband had bought me a three year warranty....wrong! After sending it in, they claimed I had to have dropped, I did not, it had to be a defect, as one of the operators had told me.
Well, now they wanted $140 to fix it....what? I hadn't even got to use it! No matter how I tried to convince them, they were not convinced.
Well, to make a long story shorter, I am having them send it back to me and Dell is standing behind it and replacing it! Moral of the story....I have a lot of good to say about Dell and nothing good to say about Canon......too bad because I probably would have bought my third digital camera from them also. Needless to say, I am lost until I receive my camera and can take more pictures and list new items on my Etsy!!!!! Til then, bye for now!