Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween Etsy

Here are a few of my spooky things for sale on my little Etsy shop....Halloween seems to come and go so fast! My husband is out right now decorating for it, as it takes him about a month to complete (he does it very tastefully) and then when he is done, it is time to take it all down!

Yaaaay! The weather is changing! It is only supposed to be 80 degrees tomorrow...whew! I am doing a show and we all know there is enough sweatin' goin' on without the 100 degree heat...In fact, it is supposed to rain on Wednesday and Thursday....that I will love!
Well, anyway, about this show....I had to hurry up and start creating some fast movers as I have sold three....yes, THREE quilts this week on Etsy.

Has someone discovered my Etsy site or has someone come into some money!!?? Well, it is the first of the month tomorrow so I hope the show is booming!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Here are a few shots of the Downtown Danville show that took place on Labor Day. It has taken this long to get this little blog out. Great customers, great weather, great promoter (her shop is called Cottage Jewel, 100 Railroad Avenue, Danville), and two great daughter and my granddaughter. I could kick myself for not getting a picture of all of us together...the booth was pretty full of customers most of the time.

Now I am off to Zephyr Cove at Lake Tahoe for our annual quilt retreat....rejuvination of the soul and a great time to accomplish quilting at its finest with the finest of company. sister for one, and fellow Folsom Quilt Guild friends for another.

It will be nice to get away where the weather is much cooler and nights are downright cold...just the way I like it. I WILL RETURN, with more quilts finished and hope to list on Etsy!