Thursday, February 21, 2013

Well, that time it worked...funny how sometimes I can't get the BROWSE to come up!  And, I was able to add a picture of my darling little bugs I made!  I just love them!  Is there something wrong with me?  I am so happy to be able to blog again so now I will go create so I can share with you!
Thanks for joining in....j
Here goes again.  .....the dresser?
Okay, that was not too bad...they have changed something and made it easier...I did get a duplicate of a picture but that was my fault.  Now I will share a shabby chic dresser I have put in a local shop.  Still not up to painting with my healing shoulder.  Oops, so I just tried to upload the go. darn it!

Let's try this today....I have had a terrible time loading pictures so I am giving it a go today.  I will try and put some photos of my spring garden on my blog to share.