Thursday, July 30, 2009


I must tell you about this wonderful community garden I belong to! I wish I had more time to spend there but it is quality time when I AM there. I have grown arugula, lettuce, chives, garlic, spinach (bombed) cucumbers, zucchini, yellow pear tomatoes, tomatoes, and a sunflower! My goodness the tomatoes are SO delicious. It reminds me of what real tomatoes are supposed to taste like, not the store-bought kind. Too bad the children of today do not know the difference. Anyway, I must tell you about this very generous 93 year old person who lets people grow things on her property. Her very good friend Dan has constructed all the raised beds and has made the garden beautiful and functional. He has put many years of work, love, and friendship into this endeavor. And, this woman works in her garden EVERY day, even when it is over 100. She would rather be in the garden than anyplace else on earth! Both these people have enriched my life and rekindled my love of the garden. P.S. Dan is a Master Gardener and, to be real honest, the largest tomato in that basket is his.


The garden also grows beautiful flowers and plants and almost any fruit you could want.


We have had a heat wave which means someone is always holding a hose!


There is always something to be done in the garden.... Thank goodness for volunteers!


Here are a few of my harvested vegetables of today.



Monday, July 27, 2009

More Summer Garden

Just some more photos of our garden. My husband also likes to add his decorative touches to the garden. Now we have a total of three potting benches. The photo of all the greenery (grape leaves) is of my grapevines which were supposed to have grapes this year. A word to the wise: Don't water grapes a lot. You will get a lot of green and no grapes!


Here are some photos of my garden. It has been over 100 most days lately so my flowers are having a hard time of it. I was hoping to have some great photos of my hydrangeas to show you but they got fried about a week ago. I swear, I could have a hose continuosly running on them and they would still be screaming for more water. The birds are always in the bird baths and mostly they like to sit upon the top of the fountain. They seem to be taking turns. We have a lot of hummingbirds visiting this year and they also enjoy the water.