Thursday, May 19, 2011

View of Lake Tahoe

This is the view from Dobbins Hall, where we do our sewing. The tables are all set up when we get there and we even take our sewing chairs from home! Nothing lacking here! Oh, and chipmunks abound....they are so cute.

Here is what we see when we are in the dining hall. I had taken this picture of the pink hyacinth when we arrived....going in September usually, you would not have seen these! Spectacular!

Zephyr at Lake Tahoe Was Beautiful!

This is the building where we sleep. When we woke up, it was beautiful!

Eleanor Peace Bailey Doll Revision

I had made this doll for a friend in 1989 using Eleanor Peace Bailey's pattern of a Victorian Lady. A while back, my friend asked me if I could spruce her was messy, clothes were faded, etc.

I decided to use her head (I fixed her hair and re-did her makeup) and her legs since those were the most time consuming parts of the doll.

New fabric and a while later,......wala! She was done...I took a picture also of before I re-attached her head...thought you would get a kick out of that.

Yesterday, my husband and I trecked to Sonoma to meet her for lunch and give her the doll. She had not seen it in two years....and we had not seen her in two years. Needless to say, she LOVED the doll.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Well I am off to Zephyr Cove at Lake Tahoe tomorrow morning! My friend and I are actually going to Reno first for a night and will hit all the great quilt shops on the way.....particularly love FABRIC CHICKS in Minden, Nevada! OMG.....this little shop is an industrial park is unbelievable. If you ever get to Minden, Nevada, you have got to stop there. One of the owners is the daughter in law of Eleanor Peace Bailey (I was making her dolls twenty years ago) and her name is Heather Bailey.....yes, the same one that designs the beautiful fabrics and patterns. Anyway, really looking forward to seeing all the spectacular fabrics there.

Our retreat is very special...I usually only go in September, but decided to go in May also this year. One week at the edge of Take Tahoe, gourmet meals, great company, relaxing walks, and being able to sew day and night with no laundry, meals, housework to worry about.

I will try and post some pictures for all to see. I'll be back!