Tuesday, April 16, 2013

When we moved into our current house there was a large clothesline in the side yard.  I was so excited to be able to hang clothes on it!  I have always loved hanging clothes on a clothesline, don't ask me why.
Well, my husband decided it was too unsightly and removed it pretty quickly.  I, myself, thought that there should be no problem because it was located in an area where nobody usually goes anyway.
The other day I started thinking about clotheslines and how nice it would be to be able to hang my quilts I make and take pictures of them instead of asking someone to hold them for me.
I went and purchase a clothesline that attaches to our shed but the line only needs to come out when you need it....now, it doesn't hold a lot, but that is ok....I will use it for the aforementioned quilt photos and I will use it for our sheets and pillow cases.
Clothes smell soooooo good after being dried in the sun and wind....here is a picture of my line in action!  Today is a super windy day!