Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I have had it with summer.....I was always a fall/winter person and as I grow older I am even more a fall/winter person...I hate the heat! Next week I am going to Lake Tahoe to my twice a year quilt retreat. Unfortunately it will be 80 degrees. I always looked forward to the cool crisp weather at Zephyr Cove but unfortunately the summer people will win out....I love sweatshirts and jeans way more than shorts and tanks.

Anyway, looking forward to that time away with friends and new creations will get their start there. It is always so hard to pack because I am afraid I might leave something here in my sewing room that I might need. I remember wishing I had that certain pink fabric that was sitting at home on my shelves....but did not know I would need it....therefore, I take waaayyy more fabric than I can possibly use for the week away.

I also love my garden but I am tired of the daily watering....looking forward to falling leaves!

Above this writing you will see a few of my fall/halloween items because that is the way this works....you type and then remember that you should have put the pictures on first...oh, well...